Rainbow Pen pack - Your dog thinks you're a cunt...

Rainbow Pen pack - Your dog thinks you're a cunt...

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Even your dog thinks you're a cunt pen pack for pet lovers and people haters, Chihuahua, Pug, French bulldog, Dalmatian, Boxer, black ink, pet & stationery lovers.

I love a good pen! Especially when it's straight to the point & has a possibility of deterring people away from me.
We can also change the word to cat for all the pussy lovers out there! Just choose which option you would like from the drop down menu.

You can choose to purchase a single pen or a pack of 6 rainbow ones to share between your friends & family who also have a dislike to hoomans!

- Black ink
- Rainbow Colours
- Single pen or 6 pack

Single pens are wrapped in a clear packaging, pens packs (6 pens) will arrive in a pretty, matching gift packaging.