Lewy’s Notebooks

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Hey guys, thanks so much for taking the time to look at Lewy’s notebook listing. 

Lewis is selling notebooks in order to make money for charity, in honour of Sir Tom. We are aiming for 100 books in celebration of his 100 years and for everything he did during his lifetime. 

He’s asking for just a small donation for his books plus postage. You can offer any donation amount you wish and this can be done via leaving a tip when you reach checkout. 

You will receive a notebook with a random design with the ‘get shit done’ wording and a matching design magnet, you’ll also receive a print out of a drawing Lewis has made of Sir Captain Tom 💓💓 


I understand times are so hard for some of us at the moment and a purchase isn’t possible, but if you could please head over to my Facebook page and leave a comment for Lewis on his post he would be most grateful. He’s such a sweet boy and just a comment or a like would make him super chuffed! 

thanks so much guys 

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