Where I Am Today...

So where I am today... Does mentally unhinged, stressed & totally fucking depressed count as a viable answer?

Well, that is me for the most part. I never in my wildest dreams thought my business would take a turn to what it is today. My biggest career accomplishment to date, but the most hardest years of my life. It's certainly been a tester to say the least. but you know what? I would do it all again! 

I'm doing my dream job and I've learned so much along the way. I know proper business stuff, like how to build a website, SEO, staff management and a fuck load more. I own machines that cost more than my mortgage & I've mastered my niche. I am confident that I am good at what I do & I really do feel so fortunate. I hope I can do this for as long as I can. You know what makes it more worthwhile though, honestly, is my following. I have built such a loyal following over the years and they are like family to me. I call them 'my little fuckers'. We all share the same sense of humour and they are my go to 'fuckers' whenever I need a lift. I lost quite a lot of customers when I did the switch from totally tame handmade to all things sweary but it was ok, there was no point in having a following that didn't believe in the products I'm now making, so off they went and along came those who appreciate 'profanity at its finest'. 


I'v uploaded some photos below of where your orders are now packaged. I'm in love with my little packing room and just HAD to have it pink and girly, of course. I have a separate room for my office where I do all my designing and book making etc. It is currently having a make over so I will show you that when it's complete! 

I don't think i'll be in here for long though, I went from the kitchen side, to the downstairs room in the new home, to then having a HUGE office built in the garden. I'm trying my best to make this space work for me but I am still expanding and sadly, outgrowing space for a third time.. fuck my life.... I don't think it will be long now until I have to rent a unit space so I will keep you updated :) 

Now fuck yourself off and do some shopping! If you managed to get this far without falling to sleep, well done. Heres 10% off for being so fucking awesome, just enter this code at checkout >> BLOG10


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